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UmbrCoach Mentors

UmbrCoach mentors are friendly, approachable, and like to help people succeed. You don't need to be a senior developer or a technical director to be a mentor. If you think other people can learn from the challenges you faced in your professional life, then you can become a mentor too!

Head of Development - London, United Kingdom

Anthony Dang (Founder)

Anthony has worked in web development since 2007. He is active in the open source community (in particular the Umbraco CMS), an Umbraco MVP & Umbraco Master, writes tech articles, and is a regular organiser & presenter at conferences and tech meetups. He lives and breathes automation and development processes, and is a vocal proponent of Behaviour/Test Driven Development.

Anthony has experience in building high performing remote production teams spanning multiple countries. He is an Agile/Scrum/Kanban enthusiast, and is always looking for ways to make development more efficient and enjoyable. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he is now based in London.


Head of Development - London, United Kingdom

Adam Prendergast

Over the last 10 years Adam has worked with some of the most creative and forward thinking agencies in the UK, including McCann, Code Computerlove, Neighbourhood and Equator.

Adam is an experienced Umbraco Master certified developer, team mentor and technical director who has worked across a variety of sectors and technologies. He specialises in .Net and Umbraco development as a core discipline, but his career has also spanned many roles including dev-ops, front end development and project management.

As a coach Adam is available to offer tips on Umbraco and tech in general, but more importantly he can provide support with life's so called 'soft skills', ranging form for career progression and confidence building to overall mental wellbeing that can be the foundation to a successful and happy career.


Senior Developer - Colombia

Alejandro Ocampo

Ale is an Umbraco Certified Master & web developer who likes to make the web a better place. With over 8 years of experience creating and maintaining different applications using .NET, Umbraco and C# with some cool CI/CD integrations using Teamcity, Octopus and Azure devops.

He loves to talk about good project architecture, development processes, LINQ statements, one-liners, his favourite techniques and approaches to practical coding. Nothing better than a good debate with Ale.

When away from his desk you can find him smashing some Bokoblin heads in Zelda or drifting in Mario Kart.


Freelance Umbraco Developer & Consultant - Cornwall, United Kingdom

Barry Fogarty

Barry Fogarty is an Umbraco Certified developer that has specialised in Umbraco and ASP.Net web apps since 2010. Over the years he has held the roles of Technical Architect, hired hand for Umbraco agencies and Gold Partners, and freelance consultant for direct clients.

Originally trained as a Product Designer, he loves to combine beautiful interface design and intuitive user experiences with the technical side - indeed it was this focus on user friendliness and design flexibility that first attracted him to Umbraco. Recently he's been building progressive web apps with Vue.js, Typescript, headless CMS and API-based server integrations.

When he's not working or trying to keep up with the latest web trends, you'll find him chasing waves around the coast of Cornwall, where he lives with his family.


Senior Architect - Oregon, USA

Benjamin Carleski

Benjamin is a soccer dad first, Umbraco developer second. Yet as an Umbraco Certified Expert he has been working for ProWorks on Umbraco projects since 2014. He has developed software professionally since 1996 and personally for years before that. He has worked with web containers both in Java and .NET for over 20 years, and yet still occasionally hand-writes HTML in Notepad.

Benjamin loves to talk about system architecture, integrations, and optimization. The pros and cons of working fast versus designing for the future could fill volumes. When not chilling in the office, you'll likely find him in the attic of his house, trying to wire up his latest gadget, hiking with his wonderful wife, or refereeing out on the soccer fields, keeping his 7 future soccer stars in check.


Software Developer & Umbraco Enthusiast, Hamburg, Germany

Dirk Seefeld

Dirk has gotten his first computer in 1982 and started programming in Basic and Assembler. His talent for illustration lead to his degree in graphic design. In 1991 he started his career in the upcoming desktop publishing business. The multimedia area was the beginning of his professional programmer life. Some years later he focused on web development. In these days all web developers worked full stack. Later Dirk focused on server side technologies especially on the Microsoft stack. He worked for several internet agencies - employed and as freelancer. 2009 he discovered Umbraco and it was love on the first glance.

Since than he was a regular CodeGarden attendee, package author and always seeking for ways to contribute. Besides technical aspects of Umbraco, Dirk thrived through his engagement with the community. The community and Umbraco HQ emphasize a way of live, which has a deep impact on his mind set. Dirk lives with his beloved wife and dog in Hamburg and loves to travel besides the common tourist routes. You can chat with Dirk in English or German (native speaker).


Technical Director - Melbourne, Australia

Emmanuel Tissera

A Umbraco MVP, Umbraco Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Professional and a certified developer in a few other CMSs, Emmanuel's software and web development career officially began in 2002. Emm is the Technical Director at Luminary Digital in Melbourne, where he can be found helping developers and clients get their content management right. Prior to joining Luminary, Emm held roles as Technical Lead for Emirates Airline and Senior Software Engineer at Australian Associated Press.

Emm organizes the Melbourne Umbraco Meetup and presents at other tech conferences such as DDD Melbourne, Dutch Umbraco Festival and Codegarden. His current interests lie in headless CMSs and Umbraco Heartcore is one of his favourites for obvious reasons.


Solutions Architect - Melbourne, Australia

Mario Lopez

Mario has been a web developer for more than 15 years and currently is part of the Luminary team in Melbourne.
Over the years he has used multiple programming languages and CMS, being Umbraco and C# his favourite choice so far.

Mario is Umbraco Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Professional and has presented in events such as UDUF or the Melbourne Umbraco Meetup.
He's involved in the Umbraco community as much as he can and
has developed a few packages for Umbraco.

He loves VFX and in a previous life he worked as motion graphic designer and 3D artist for the media industry.


Senior Software Engineer

Mitul Vaghela

Mitul is a Senior Software Engineer in Test with over 10 years of experience in the field. Over the years, Mitul has worked for many of the fortune 500 customers like MetLife, General Electric, Coca Cola, Royal Bank of Canada and Kroger.

Mitul specializes in software testing, automation and devops. He takes keen interest in leveraging cloud in making highly performant and scalable solutions.  When required, Mitul does not shy away from writing application code apart from automation and has a good grip on backend development. Mitul firmly believes that every stakeholder on the team has something to contribute to the product quality and enables teams to deliver their best quality. Collaboration, according to Mitul, is a key factor and hence he is a big fan of agile delivery and fast paced work environment.

Mitul has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge and maintains a blog at and He regularly expresses his thoughts and opinions on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Consultant & Developer - Mount Tamborine, Australia

Robert Foster

Robert is a seasoned Software developer of 25+ years, with over 10 of those using Umbraco CMS. An Umbraco MVP and Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Professional and community advocate in Australia, Robert oversees several Meetups around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and contributes to the Umbraco Down Under Festival (uDuf).

Robert is an Umbraco core contributor and our.umbraco forums admin, and has developed several packages for Umbraco including the MemberListView and the Spectrum Colour Picker.

When not working with Umbraco, Robert can be found consulting on Azure DevOps, microservices and dotNet core.


Consultant, Contrarian and Coach - Kent, United Kingdom

Tim Saunders

Tim has over 20 years of experience, working on, with and for development teams. He’s been active in the Umbraco community since version 4 and has spoken at various conferences, festivals and meet-ups about Umbraco, development practices, contextual methods and sociotechnical systems. He also delivers workshops on a diverse range of topics, including Agile techniques, Scrum, XP, Kanban, Wardley mapping, Cynefin, estimation & forecasting, empathy, Ontology and systems thinking.

He currently works with developers, development teams and development organisations, helping them challenge established ways of thinking, modes of being, and situated practices.

Tim is also a sometime Digital Anthropologist, researching how technical/digital objects take their place in and shape the world around us, including where we fit in the whole messy process.