Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

Are these group sessions?

Sessions have 1-3 attendees. Each attendee will have a chance to discuss their issue. The mentor will try to keep times as even as possible. 

What is the cost?

There is no cost. Sessions are free!

What is the duration of the sessions?

1 Earth hour.

When are the sessions?

Mentors volunteer their time to fit around their personal lives. Our mentors are global. Find a session that suits your schedule. 

Can I join any session?

Yes! Of course! You may register for any session in any timezone. The reason UmbrCoach exists is to give you access to a mentor no matter where you live!

When do I get the video link to join a session?

When you sign up for a session you will be sent a video link. Just attend the video call at the specified time. 

Why do I need a mentor?

Mentors and role models shape us for the rest of our lives. The people we look up to will inform, coach, guide, teach, and help us through our most troubling times. Everyone needs a mentor whether they know it or not!

How can a mentor help me?

Depending on the mentors' specific experience, they may help you coding, architecture, debugging, education/learning, career & CV, and in some cases even soft skills. Mentors give advice based on their personal experience. 

It is up to the attendee to decide if they want to act on the mentor's advice.

Is there a limit on the number of sessions I can attend?

Everyone has different needs. You may attend any session, in any timezone.

What if I cannot attend my session?

Cancel your booking via the email you received from Eventbrite. Then contact your mentor to give them a heads up. You can find their contact details on the Mentors page

Why should I volunteer to become a mentor?

If you like to help people succeed in their chosen path, then you can become a mentor. Register your interest here.

Who can anyone be a mentor?

You don't need to be a senior developer or a technical director to be a coach. If you think other people can learn from the challenges you faced in your professional life, then you can become a mentor.

Is there a minimum number of sessions I need to conduct?

UmbrCoach sessions fit around your own schedule. You can conduct as many sessions as you wish.

Do mentors get paid?

UmbrCoach mentors are volunteers.

How do the sessions work?

Sessions will have 1-3 attendees. You will try to split your time evenly between attendees to answer their questions. You may encourage group chats so the attendees can help each other.

How do I create a session?

You will be given access to the Mentor Dashboard. It is as simple as selecting a date, time, and timezone.

Note: You will use your own Zoom or Google Meet video link. 

Can I run sessions in other timezones?

Yes! UmbrCoach was built for this purpose! It is a global community.

How do I know who is coming to my session?

You will receive an automated email from UmbrCoach when someone registers for your session. Attendees are also listed on your Mentor Dashboard

What if I am not trained to be a mentor?

You are not expected to be a trained mentor. All you need is a friendly helpful attitude.

What if I do not know the answer?

We all have different levels of experience. If you do not know the answer to an attendee's question, then just say so. Hopefully you will have an idea of where they can look to find their answer. Perhaps that may be more googling, or even pointing them to a person on Twitter.

What if I give someone bad advice?

We're all human. We can only talk about our own experiences. It is up to the attendee to decide if they want to act on your advice or not.