Friendly Coaching & Mentoring

The UmbrCoach Story

My trajectory as a developer has seen me move through leadership roles in a few companies. During this journey I have come to realise that I really enjoy mentoring and coaching. My proudest moments are when a junior developer suddenly gets it. This gives me great joy.

In the last 12 years I have also been heavily involved in the Umbraco community. This is a great helpful friendly community which has allowed me to contribute in many ways.

Therefore, UmbrCoach is an amalgamation of my positive experiences in the Umbraco community, and my experience of being a coach and mentor. It is my hope that UmbrCoach can gather volunteer mentors from around the world, so we can cover all timezones, and help aspiring developers succeed in their chosen path, no matter where they live.

- Anthony Dang (Founder)

Why is it free?

UmbrCoach was created so that anyone around the world can have the opportunity to have access to mentor. 

Our interactions with mentors and role models shape us for the rest of our lives. The people we look up to will inform, coach, guide, teach, and help us through our most troubling times.

Having access to a mentor is something that many of us take for granted. Whether it be geographical, circumstantial, or financial, many people do not have access to mentors to help guide their path.